Winnipeg, Canada

Northeast Winnipeg Medical Centre in Winnipeg seeking family physicians for 70%, $150/hour guarantee — Additional Experience Walk-in, Family Practice Description; North East Winnipeg Clinic seeking Family Physicians Full time and Part time. Located in Winnipeg in a mall that includes other professionals, Physiotherapist, Optometrist, and Pharmacy. It... View Full Description

Keswick, Canada

Keswick FHO (Family Health Organization) recruiting family physicians. Offering 70-80% depending on experience and background. — This is a modern renovated medical facility. The upgraded facility has been expanded to easily cater to the growing needs of the Keswick community. Keswick is an underserviced area. International Medical Graduates may work here and fulfill their... View Full Description

Brantford, Canada

Brantford-based Medical Clinic seeking family physicians to start up clinic — Brantford Clinic This is a brand new medical clinic based in Brantford, Ontario.  Brantford is a city in Southern Ontario, in close proximity to Woodstock, Hamilton, Cambridge, Kitchener, Simcoe. Approximately 140,000 live in Brantford area, the... View Full Description

Brampton , Canada

Established, sophisticated medical centre offering 75-80% for Family Physicians to join FHO in established, physician owned and run medical centre in Brampton — Medical centre in newly constructed Walmart Supercentre in Brampton, Ontario. View Full Description

Markham , Canada

Established, sophisticated medical centre offering 75% split (guaranteed hourly rate) to Family Physicians to join their growing team in East Markham, Ontario, Canada — Join two other physicians at Supercentre in Markham. In the last seven months the clinic has immersed itself in the community by offering the very best in convenient community care.  The clinic provides care for family practice and walk-in patients... View Full Description

Toronto, Canada

Opportunity for Family Practitioners to generate new OHIP revenue stream through referring to Telemedicine Specialists — Contact MDSearch for more information on how your family practice can generate more than $6000.00 per MD in additional OHIP through referring patients to telemedicine. View Full Description

All , Canada

Family Physicians seeking opportunity to reduce work week and increase income may be interested in specializing in a new surgical procedure that generates hundreds of dollars per patient. — A unique opportunity to become your region’s local expert in two specialized procedures. You will make a multiple of your current income in half the time. Enjoy a work/life balance. Complete training support provided that allows for highest... View Full Description

Markham, Scarborough, Richmond Hill, Canada

Cardiologist to support medical clinic in Richmond Hill, Markham, Scarborough, Ontario — Clinic is seeking Cardiologist to support the family patients at the clinic once or twice a week. Cardiologist will have access to exam rooms, office space on site. Scheduling, billing, and triage will be administered by the clinic support... View Full Description

Airdrie, Alberta, Canada

Family Physicians for Community 20 minutes north of Calgary, AB. Join MD owned and operated family practice offering 75% and other perks. PT/FT permanent positions. — We are family medicine clinic and we built our clinic with love. It is a place for us where we spent a lot of time and made it as our second home: cozy, welcoming and comfortable. Attraction: start own practice – pick and choose own patients,... View Full Description

Brampton, Canada

Hurontario Medical Clinic recruiting part-time and full-time physicians for spacious, main floor walk-in centre. Offering 80% split to start up walk-in practice. — Newly built family practice seeking full and part time physicians.  Hours of clinic are flexible and can be decided based on the availability of practitioner. View Full Description