Toronto, Canada

Interventional Pain Specialists needed for Canada’s leading Pain Centre located in Toronto. No evenings, no call, no overnights. Generate $500-650,000/annum Net.

Country: Canada
City: Toronto
Physician Type: Emergency Medicine (ER)
Compensation: HOURS of OPERATION: The clinic is staffed from 7 am until approximately 7 pm daily,

Monday through Friday. At this time, clinic is not open or staffed on weekends.

Current and Future objective The objective of The Pain Institute is to provide excellent

chronic pain care to patients while expanding to become a true multidisciplinary clinic.

We are currently in talks to add psychology, chiropractic and physical therapy services to

the Centre, and we will proceed to other services once those are well-established.

Compensation/Incentives: Doctors bill OHIP via our trained billing clerk. Overhead

fees are charged on a sliding scale, at an average rate of 40%. Option for salary of $500,000 per annum for 5 day a week work week.



Interventional Pain Specialists –

Anesthesiologists Emergency Medicine

Contact for more information.

We are looking for doctors to perform interventional pain management techniques such

as various types of nerve block injections, by anatomical landmarks and under x-ray

guidance.  We also have the capacity for doctors to do Botox injections for migraine

control, rhizolysis, selective nerve root pulse radiofrequency, and peripheral joint

injections.  Any MD with a license to practice in Ontario will be considered, as we

provide a comprehensive, one-on- one training program.  Previous experience, which

would be most helpful, would be in anesthesiology or physiatry.  We do not formally

separate GPs from anesthetists, but anesthetists generally are able to provide a wider

variety of treatments to their patients.  If a GP cannot provide the needed treatment, they

can refer their patient internally to one of our Anesthetists.

The Pain Institute was established in the mid 1980’s. The Pain Institute has been in our

current location since 2010, in a unit built to our specifications. We have 17 treatment

rooms and 1 x-ray room. 4 out of 14 doctors are using EMR (Accuro by QHR) and the

other 10 are using paper charts. 100 – 125 patients attend the clinic daily. RCPC is

wheelchair accessible, and is located in a single-story building. It is a spacious clinic,

with wide hallways. Visitors’ first impressions are that it looks like a hospital. Parking is

free, and reserved parking is available for doctors. There are men’s and ladies’ locker

rooms with showers, and a large, comfortable staff kitchen.

Contact for more information.

About the Hospital/Clinic


10 full time doctors; 4 part-time doctors. 6 anesthetists; 5 general practitioners; 2

physical medicine and rehabilitation; 1 internal medicine.

We do have the ability to supervise IMG or Restricted Physicians

STAFF: RN/Nurse, Medical office Assistance, Experience level, Languages, Skills,

Friendly/Efficient, 8 full time and 4 part time RPNs. 2 PSWs. 15 full time and 2 part-time

administrative employees, including a dedicated billing clerk, two transcriptionists, two

accountants, a dedicated clerk to book first-time patients, a file clerk, and seven

receptionists. The staff is experienced; we have almost no staff turnover because of the

good working environment. The office manager/chief technology officer/facility manager

has 13 years of experience with the company. The nurse manager has been with the

company for 8 years. Languages represented among the staff include Tagalog,

Russian, and Spanish. We hold our staff to a high standard, and both the administrative

and nursing departments function as well-oiled teams. The atmosphere is friendly but



The Pain Institute is one of the largest, most well-established interventional pain clinics

in Ontario. We have an X-ray room, which is not common for pain clinics. We maintain

high standards of service for doctors, allowing more customization in one’s practice then

is normally available. The nursing and administrative staff is unusually well-trained and

helpful. Our facility is cleaner, more spacious, and better-organized than the average



Location Details

Area Information:

Located in a low-density area of mixed industrial and retail usage. The building is across

the street from a large, beautiful park. The closest residential areas, a few blocks away,

offer both single-family homes and apartment buildings. The primary ethnic group in the

immediate area is Russian-speaking. However, our patients come from as far away as

Ottawa, Peterborough, and even Northern Ontario. For local patients, its TTC-