Calgary, Canada

Family Physicians for Northeast Calgary Medical Centre (Part-time, Full-time)

Country: Canada
City: Calgary
Physician Type: Family Medicine/General Practitioner

Clinic is first in the communities of Redstone and Cornerstone, Calgary, Alberta serving Skyview, Cornerstone and Redstone communities.

We are currently seeking three Family Physician to join our New Family Medical Clinic.

  • Senior home is just around the corner of clinic, hence can be well served.
  • The clinic’s plaza is a Medical home, having Pharmacy, Medical Clinic, Physiotherapy and Dentist this will also advantage of patient want to avail all facilities under one roof.

Highlights of Clinic.

The Medical clinic is having 9 exam rooms, one procedure room, doctor room, kitchen and staff room.

The clinic can easily accommodate 4 family physicians with 7 days and 8 working hours.

Three specialists have already been on board that are Internist, gynaecologist and Paediatrician.

One female Physician is on board, but we need another physician to operate the clinic smoothly.

–       we are registering our clinic for phlebotomy, EKG, ECG services.

–       Our Clinic is Medical Home, i.e. all facilities under one roof, Medical Clinic, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Chiropractitioner, massage, Dentist.

Family practice volumes in this clinic will be robust due to its location at the junction of three communities