Toronto, Canada

Psychiatrist Needed | Treatment-Resistant Depression Assessment Centre in Downtown Toronto

Country: Canada
City: Toronto
Physician Type: Psychiatrist
Compensation: Guarantee $350/hr -- this generally equates to 2.5 consults per hour on a 75/25 split, however, demand and billing are expected to be much higher.


We are recruiting Psychiatrists to work in our Downtown Toronto clinic 1 half or full day a week to start on any day of the work week M-F. Psychiatrist will see consults from local community doctors and assess whether patients would be medically eligible for Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy for the treatment of Treatment-Resistant Depression.

Consults will be very user-friendly and efficient for the psychiatrists, by having other medical support members to streamline the necessary data collection is gathered before the consult. If a patient is deemed by the Psychiatrist to meet the criteria for treatment resistant depression therapy, they will be referred to Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy, which is private pay.