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Family Physicians seeking opportunity to reduce work week and increase income may be interested in specializing in a new surgical procedure that generates hundreds of dollars per patient.

Country: Canada
City: All
Physician Type: physician
Compensation: Lucrative. Up to $500 per surgery. Potential to earn 1-2M per annum.


A unique opportunity to become your region’s local expert in two specialized procedures. You will make a multiple of your current income in half the time. Enjoy a work/life balance. Complete training support provided that allows for highest standard of care and a comprehensive marketing and administrative program. Its possible to achieve 1-2 million in private billing working 5 days a week and own a franchise that is a sellable asset. Part-time opportunities also available.

Job Category

Surgical procedures.

About the Hospital/Clinic

We are recommending this to select physicians that have an interest doing surgical procedures and setting up a niche high volume surgical clinic.  If selected for this opportunity, you will be trained by leaders in the field who will teach you to become an expert.  All required training, marketing support provided. High income, reduced hours. This is a very high return on investment opportunity. There are a number of components to the package, but this will be addressed directly by the clinic if you wish to learn more.

Location Details

Five opportunities in Ontario.

Physician Duties

Suitable for family medicine and general surgeons seeking to focus in a niche surgical field. Training provided.


Looking for doctors wishing to make this a major part of their practice – opportunities are limited to five (5) in Ontario.

Start Date

Immediate or within 1 year of signing.