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Why use MDSearch?

MDSearch recruits physicians from Canada and the US to access General Practitioners, specialists, and medical staff to fill your employment requirements. When you engage our experienced team to place the ideal candidate in your clinic or practice, you receive a tailored recruitment strategy unparalleled within the industry.

Find the best candidates

The local and internationally recruited candidates we represent are qualified and experienced general practitioners, specialists, allied health professionals. During our candidate search, eligible physicians are screened against your selection criteria, to ensure each one presented meets your requirements.

In addition to full time placements for physicians, we also represent clients who are looking to fill part-time, locum, moonlighting, or short term vacancies in walk-in, family practice, specialty practice, hospital, long term care facilities, communities, corporations, legal and research consulting.

We also have experience locating specialized candidates to fill leadership roles such as Medical Directors, Consultants, Clinical Researchers, and a variety of medical staffing needs.

Access our network of pre-screened M.D.s

MDSearch connects with talent before your search begins. We maintain one of the largest active Canadian physician databases in the country, recruiting qualified physicians from Canada and around the world. We use advertising, blogs, groups & social media to help build our physician network and also actively recruit participants through event sponsorship, email campaigns.

MDSearch connects with medical residents before they finish training, giving us first contact with off-the-radar talent. We also participate in job fairs and research days for medical students and medical residents in universities across North America.

Advertise your offer online

Our leading search-engine-optimized web portal, promotes your employment posting for a far-reaching, truly global doctor search. When combined with our online advertising strategy using social media and popular search engines, you can leverage online search to gain exposure for your employment offer.

Use our global expertise

Our global practice allows for international recruitment, if required, to attract the right candidate. MDSearch guides our International Medical Graduates (IMG) through their respective applications including federal immigration and provincial credentialing bodies.

Streamline your search

MDSearch designs and implements a customized recruitment campaign for each employer we select. We reach prospects through the use of direct calling, targeted fax-blasts, direct mailing, online advertising and industry-specific advertising. We cut any methods not appropriate to your search, ensuring a tailored strategy that is highly focused and performance driven.

Return on Investment

Using MDSearch saves time, effort and resources best used for running your day to day operations. But did you know there are hidden hiring costs that can be reduced or eliminated by working with our professional recruitment team?

Failed hiring arrangements, high turnover and bad employment fits can be a huge drain on a clinic, hospital or health facility. It can even damage morale with existing employees.

We work with our clients to ensure the employment offers meet industry standards and employees’ expectations, we ensure that each candidate presented for interview is pre-screened against your specific requirements, and finally we facilitate the transition from candidate to employment, working with you post-hire to assess the relationship and ongoing fit.


How MDSearch can help

Role Clarity. Using our industry knowledge, we work with you to craft a marketing plan that showcases both the position and the community.

Search Strategy, Assessment. We are continuously growing our network of potential candidates. To make sure the right applicants are contacted, we thoroughly review their credentials against your offer.

Attraction, Ensure Success. MDSearch will work on your behalf to make sure you have a satisfactory commitment from the physician, including follow-up meetings to ensure the continued success of your relationship. Contact us  or fill our online request form to let us guide you through the process and connect you with appropriate candidates.