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About us

Recruiting since 1999.

Our Founders combined their experience from Canada’s leading executive search firms and scaling up one of Canada’s fastest growing healthcare companies to establish MDSearch in 2008.

Today, MDSearch recruits a wide range of medical professionals including physicians, specialists, nurse practitioners and therapists domestically and Internationally.

When you engage MDSearch to fill your healthcare vacancies, you benefit from decades of staffing experience, exclusive access to medical talent worldwide, and a proven search process that gets results.

How we do it


Ensuring shortlisted candidates are well qualified and their skills, credentials, and objectives match the requirements and expectations for your roles is priority number one. The candidates we represent are qualified and screened against the selection criteria provided by your hiring managers ensuring that each candidate presented meets your requirements.

Search Strategy

MDsearch creates a customized and results driven recruitment campaign for each employer. We cut any methods not appropriate to your search, ensuring a tailored strategy that is highly focused and performance driven.

Offer clarity

We work with your team to craft a marketing story that best showcases your offer for potential prospects. Using our industry knowledge of what will draw applicants, and what will not, we work with you to craft the precise offer needed to attract the right candidates as quickly as possible. A briefing document is developed that showcases both the position and the community. This brief forms the foundation for our marketing plan.

Exclusive Access

We connect with individuals searching for placement, and those not actively looking for a new position who would make a change if the situation is right. This gives us access to qualified candidates not reached through traditional hiring methods.


Exclusive exposure to a vast healthcare staffing network and insights built over two decades guarantees access to a wider talent pool faster.


MDSearch delivers a wide-net outbound strategy using traditional cold calling, database broadcasts and online social media interactions to ensure your offer reaches a critical mass and gets in front of the right audience.

What employers are saying about us

MDSearch delivered top candidates even during the pandemic. 

Dr. Abhishek

MDSearch recruited two full time physicians for my clinic in Brampton in 2020. 

Dr. Goel

Our experience working with MDSearch was very positive. We worked with MD search on a number of occasions with great results everytime. Our first opportunity was in the search for a physician to replace a physician at Centre who was retiring. They were able to find a candidate within three weeks and three years later the physician is still with. We subsequently hired a second physician as well as two nurse practitioners. All of the staff hired are still with us so candidates were a good fit. What impressed me most was the fact that our health centre provides services exclusively in french to some 10,000 clients in the Hamilton - Niagara area. Recruiting french speaking professionals is no small order, yet they were able to provide us the support we needed to recruit candidates.

Clinic Director

MDSearch was a key component to help get us off the ground in the early stages of establishing our clinic network. The team at MDSearch took the time to understand our business goals and objectives -- saving us a lot of time and effort in the long run. We were impressed with their vast network of physicians and ability to find qualified candidates. This enabled us to grow our network to help patients right across Ontario. MDSearch has been a key and trusted partner for the last 6 years.


Thanks to MDSearch, we were able to hire three great French Speaking doctors for our clinic I enjoyed working with MDSearch, I was very impressed by their professionalism.

HR Manager

The MDSearch team are true professionals and partners in recruiting physicians. They are driven by results and are very efficient with everyone's time.  It's a real pleasure working with them.