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Are you considering a change in employment? MDSearch can help you discover your ideal practice setting free of charge. MDSearch has established wide-ranging contacts with the medical community across Canada and globally. We pull together up-to-the-minute information on career prospects and openings around the world, freeing you to consider the possibilities without the legwork.

We work with our physicians and medical practitioners to ensure clarity on all of the details of the offer, and assist with your application process.

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Relocate to Canada

Canadians seeking to return to Canada from UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and the US benefit from MDSearch free of charge.

When working with an interested physician, we collect up-to-the-minute information on licensing requirements, as well as vacancies that are not publicly advertised, freeing you to consider the possibilities without the legwork.

Contact us or sign up for our Concierge Service online to enable our North American team connect you with appropriate offers andĀ guide you through the application process.

Change locations to the Middle East

MDSearch has developed a list of handpicked job offers in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Afganistan and Nigeria. The expat culture is vast in the region, with people from all over the world living and working in the area, particularly in Dubai.

Physicians seeking placements in the Middle East will receive personal assistance from a Dubai-based Search Concierge. During your strategy session, the Concierge will guide you through the process, from work visas to medical registration and travel arrangements. We will handle everything you need to find a position – before, during and after your placement.

Physicians wishing to work in the Middle East should possess Board Certification or equivalent from UK, Canada, the US, Ireland, Australia, NZ, or select Western European Board Certification with 3-5 years experience post-Boards.

Contact us or sign up for our Middle Eastern Concierge ServiceĀ online to start your personalized search today.